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"The  Medicine of the Maharajas: Alchemistic Jewel Essences" "The  Medicine of the Maharajas: Alchemistic Jewel Essences" first published in the German magazine „Comed“, 08/2002 (side 102-104)

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"The Medicine of the Maharajas: Alchemistic Jewel Essences"

Their healing effects are as unusual as their preparation: Jewel Essences produced in alchemistic fashion are prepared by dissolving real jewels, and just a few drops of them can stimulate meridian energies and harmonize the energy system

Paracelsus was wildly enthusiastic about the Jewel Essences produced by alchemists. The great curative powers of pearls he even likened to the effects of the drinking-gold, the legendary “aurum potabile”: Through the pearl essence, “not only are weak limbs restored to health, but the healthy ones maintain their selfsame vigour”.

By Ulrich Arndt

In ancient India, Jewel Essences were regarded as a supreme remedy and were called “Medicine of the Maharajas”. Nine principal healing stones are described in the ancient medical teachings of Ayurveda and Alchemy, and it is very striking that both systems, with very few exceptions, regard these nine as the most powerful healing stones. They are related to the same planets and chakras (which are called “seals of the planets” in Alchemy) and, to a great extent, are used for the same conditions.

However, know-how regarding the production of these essences through the dissolution of jewels seemed to have been lost.
Even in India and Tibet, only jewel powders, pills and lotions are produced for healing purposes today, but not the liquid, the highest jewel medicine of the Maharajas.
Recently two German alchemists, however, succeded in re-enacting the production process of these legendary essences by referring to coded laboratory manuals especially from Paracelsus. Initial research and practical experience with the Jewel Essences indeed shows highly unusual positive effects.

Modern Tests
The effects of alchemistic Jewel Essences have been investigated in cooperation with several technical colleges and therapists by the LIFE TEST Institute, a neutral institute for biophysical research in Emmendingen in Southern Germany. Amongst other findings, it was established that with 80 per cent of test persons the Emergency Rescue Drops, a mixture of all nine Jewel Essences, induce an increase of energy similar to, or even greater than, the effectiveness of orthodox drugs. Still, the effect upon the harmonious distribution of energy over the entire meridian system is even greater than that – which means that the Emergency Rescue balances and harmonizes the meridian system especially effectively and intensely. With the other 20 per cent of test persons, the same effect showed for the sole use of Emerald Essence which is associated with the heart chakra. (The heart chakra is regarded as the central agency for the control and regulation of the human energy system.)
These findings also corroborate long-standing practical experience gathered by the famous „jewel doctor“ Dr. Benoytosh Bhattaracharya and his team. Even back in the 1970s he had discovered that the effects of a certain healing stone upon a certain disease are remarkably intensified when a mixture made from the nine principal healing stones (a so-called „chronical rescue“) is additionally administered. Modern research indeed shows that the strongly harmonizing and stimulating effects of the emergency rescue jewel drops actually prepare the ground for other skilful therapeutic interventions.
The comprehensive list of indications for the use of jewels put together by Dr. Bhattaracharya has also been proved by practical experience with the Jewel Essences. This means that for their practical use comprehensive empirical knowledge based on the traditional teachings of Ayurveda is available which applies to conditions ranging from asthma to chickenpox (see tables below).

Ayurvedic Jewel Medicine
According to the teachings of Ayurveda, everything is being created by the „colour rays“ of the planets. In a similar way, alchemistic teachings maintain that the planetary forces bring about the trinity of Sal, Sulphur and Mercury – body, soul and spirit.

The health of a person essentially depends upon whether the planetary forces are in harmony in that person.
In detail, each chakra resonates with one of the planets – and all the processes and diseases related to this specific chakra can be influenced and treated by harmonizing and strengthening the respective planetary forces.
According to the Ayurveda, disease always originates in the energy system: it will gradually descend from the crown chakra, which means the nervous system, deeper into gross matter and finally into the root chakra and bones. If a disease is to be cured any therapeutic intervention has to reverse that process and „vibrate out“ the disturbed planetary forces in the reverse direction. So, for instance, a treatment of bowel problems must not end with the treatment of the abdominal chakras but will have to include all the chakras above in order to completely cure the illness. This is precisely what can be achieved by the Jewel Rescue, which is why, in the case of bowel problems, for instance, it is employed in support of a treatment with Pearl Essence or Emerald Essence (in the case of colitis).
Besides being used as medicine alchemistic essences can also be helpful in developing one’s personality. This is because according to traditional ayurvedic descriptions, taking a different essence on each respective day of the week will permanently uplift the energy system to a higher level. In that form of treatment one always takes the essence which corresponds to the planet of the respective day of the week – i.e., Ruby Essence on Sunday, Pearl on Monday, Yellow Topaz on Tuesday, Emerald on Wednesday, Sapphire on Thursday, Diamond on Friday, and Amethyst on Saturday. In this way all the rhythms of the human system are being reconnected to and recharged by the natural rhythms whereby it is possible to cure a host of disorders of the general indisposition and stress disease type. If continued not only over the course of several months but over at least seven years, even paranormal abilities are promoted and supported, ancient Indian tradition has it. In fact, mediumistically inclined therapists like holistic dentist Gabriele Büttner from Zwickau in Germany report that even after just six weeks of use their sensitivity and intuitive powers have increased: “Even when I’m under stress, I can feel a patient’s disturbances much better now in pulse diagnosis. My sensitivity and precision with kinesiological diagnosis have also increased. There is clearer perception of the chakras and with every ingestion of the essences I feel a warming-up of the respective chakra.”

Well-established combinations of Jewel Essences To be used with the following conditions
Rescue (nine jewels)
As an “Emergency Rescue”. This alchemistic Jewel Rescue will provide first aid in all cases of shock-like obstructions and blockages of energy which can come about through emergencies of a physical, emotional, or mental nature. Besides, this Nine Jewel Mixture is used as a supporting treatment in all cases of chronic disease.
Diamond, Sapphire,
Emerald and Pearl
Especially suitable as an energetic support in cases of fever, inflammations, vomiting, infections, jaundice and acute hepatomegaly (enlargement of the liver)
Amethyst, Diamond,
Sapphire and Emerald
Against epilepsy, eczema; in cases of uterine hemorrhages, a combination of VIBG alternating with the orange Essence will bring quick relief.
Pearl, Emerald,
Diamond and Amethyst
Helpful with diabetes, diseases of the urogenital tract, high blood pressure/ hypertension.
Ruby, Yellow Topaz,
Sapphire / Chrysoberyl
Very useful against warts, insomnia, arthritis, degeneration of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, chronic tonsillitis, anemia, paralysis and illnesses afflicting the bones.
Emerald, Amethyst /
Very useful against gastric hyperacidity and all kinds of intestinal disorders.
Emerald, Amethyst /
Useful for high blood pressure/ hypertension.
Yellow Topaz
Very good as an energetic aid for disorders related to glands and circulation, psychological problems, illnesses related to the brain, nervous twitches, chronic tonsillitis and chronic jaundice.
Ruby, Amethyst /
Very useful with arthritis, asthma, rheumatism, sinusitis, deafness, repercussions from cardiac infarction, endocarditis and resulting valvular defects, paralysis, diseases afflicting the bones, otitis and poliomyelitis.
Pearl, Amethyst /
Very useful with menstruation disorders (menstrual pain and also psychological problems during menstruation)
The colours of the essences are abbreviated according to their English initials:

V=Violet, I=Indigo, B=Blue, G=Green, Y=Yellow, O=Orange, R=Red, IR=Infrared, UV=Ultraviolet. For instance, VIBGYOR denotes a mixture of seven essences.
(From the book: „Schätze der Alchemie: Edelstein-Essenzen“, Hans-Nietsch-Verlag, Freiburg)

Recent case reports
Judging from the experience of several non-medical practitioners, many emotional and psychosomatic problems can be relieved by using a combination of Chrysoberyl Essence in the morning, Emerald Essence around midday and Pearl and Zircon Essences in the evening (3 to 5 drops respectively).
In cases of anxiety, a combination of Emerald (in the morning), Ruby (midday) and Yellow Topaz (evening) has proven to be effective. Hyperactive children can shift into a lower gear by help of a combination of Emerald/Amethyst (morning), Emerald (midday) and Pearl (evening). In these cases the use of the single essences is always accompanied by taking three drops of Jewel Rescue three times a day.
Bronchitis and coughs can be treated with a combination of Diamond, Sapphire, Yellow Topaz and Pearl Essences. Asthma, inflammations and eczema also respond well to this combination (see table).
Problems of the menopause can be relieved with the Diamond and Rescue Drops,disorders of the pancreas with Sapphire and Rescue, and back pain with a combination of Ruby, Amethyst and Chrysoberyl Essences.
There have already been some spectacular treatment successes. For instance, 27-year-old Daniela T. from Augsburg in Bavaria suffered from Herford Syndrome, a disease of the nervous system which destroys the sense perceptions and whose origins are unclear. Already she had become unable to smell and taste, and her vision had also gravely deteriorated. Orthodox medicine had not succeeded in improving her condition, and further treatment seemed to be pointless. Her decline could only be stopped by the strongest anti-cancer drugs, but these had paralyzed her immune system to a great extent. In this situation she began taking the Rescue Drops in combination with Aurum Potabile, the drinking-gold of the alchemists. During the first four weeks she was already able to do without the orthodox drugs. Her sense of smell and taste came back, and she feels much more vigorous.
Peter S. from Frankfurt suffered from erectile dysfunction that could not be alleviated by drugs nor psychotherapy. His marriage was increasingly encumbered and the emotional pressure on him became unbearable. For six weeks he took Pearl, Emerald, Amethyst and Rescue Drops. He dreamed a lot during that time, was able to address and clarify repressed problems and by now has completely overcome his erectile dysfunction.

Mysterious preparation
The preparation of the alchemistic Jewel Essences is as unusual as their effects. The German manufacturers emphasize that there is a solvent, a so-called “menstrum”, which can be won from plants and is able to dissolve even the hardest minerals and jewels. In that process the healing powers are extracted and the poisons, the salts, are separated from them, the manufacturers allege. Such a solvent is a mystery for orthodox chemistry, for it is neither an acid nor a lye. Still, it is able to dissolve substances at room temperature which can otherwise only be dissolved by the strongest acids or hot lyes. Finally what really pulls the rug from under chemical book learning: After completing its task as a solvent, this secret menstrum has become a medicine itself, because in dissolving the jewels it is itself transmuted. Therefore, the preparation of this solvent is regarded in Alchemy as one of the “magisterials”, one of the supreme arts of this universal science, and has always been kept secret.
The entire production process is rather lengthy. First the jewels have to be “steeped”, which according to the manufacturers can only be done at a certain time of the year and under certain planetary constellations. After that preparatory stage, the jewels are burned, ground down and dissolved by means of the solvent. This liquid is distilled several times, part of the pulverized jewels is processed into oil. Finally, everything is put together again and left to circulate in a closed container for many weeks. The finished essence contains, according to the alchemist’s view, the purified and heightened healing forces of the jewel’s body, soul and spirit. In this way those planetary forces are released that cooperated to bring about the existence of the jewel in the first place. And it is the powerful cosmic energy of this “status nascendi”, this moment of birth of a jewel, which makes the essences so powerful.

The nine Jewel Essences of Alchemy and Ayurveda
Zircon Essence
Promoting: recognition of the meaning of life; development and realization of new ideas and goals
Counteracting: Emotional lows and negativity
Energy system: Eighth chakra energetically associated with nerves and brain
Planet energy: ascending moon node, Rahu
Yellow Topaz Essence
Promoting: Healthy self-assuredness, integration of the subconscious
Counteracting: Craving and seeing oneself as victim
Energy system: Solar plexus chakra energetically associated with bone marrow and temperature regulation
Planet energy: Mars
Amethyst Essence
Promoting: Mental clarity and spiritual wakefulness; ideal as a meditation essence
Counteracting: psychological burnout and overstrain
Energy system: Crown chakra associated with nerves and bodily rhythms
Planet energy: Saturn
Pearl Essence
Promoting: Refined sensitivity, charisma and sexual attraction
Counteracting: Possessiveness, fits of anger
Energy system: Sexual chakra energetically associated with gonads, blood, spleen and kidneys
Planet energy: Moon
Diamond Essence
Promoting: Intuition, brain hemisphere synchronization, discovery of one’s vocation
Counteracting: Entanglement in dualisms
Energy system: Forehead chakra energetically associated with lymph and the removal of toxins and wastes
Planet energy: Venus
Ruby Essence
Promoting: Vitality and love of life
Counteracting: Dogmatism, losing courage
Energy system: Root chakra associated with the skeleton
Planet energy: Sun
Sapphire Essence
Promoting: Creativity, eloquence, self-realization, natural authority
Counteracting: Helplessness, unimaginativeness, intolerance, perfectionism
Energy system: Throat chakra associated with glandular and fat-regulating systems
Planet energy: Jupiter
Chrysoberyl Essence
Promoting: Groundedness and contact with archetypal forces
Counteracting: Blockages of energy
Energy system: Foot chakras
Planet energy: Descending moon node, Ketu
Emerald Essence
Promoting: Love, power and wisdom of the heart
Counteracting: Pessimism, envy and hatred
Energy system: Heart chakra associated with liver, kidneys, stomach, bowels and heart
Planet energy: Mercury
Rescue Essence
Emergency Rescue Drops made from the nine Jewel Essences contained in the set (mix equal parts)
Providing: energetic first aid in all cases of shock and obstruction of energy, in emergencies of a physical, emotional, or mental nature
Counteracting: everything that has become chronic

Translated by Michael Schaefer, Germany 2003 @

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