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Rediscovered: The Life Elixirs of Paracelsus Rediscovered: The Life Elixirs of Paracelsus first published in the magazine"Paracelsus" april & may 2004 (side 10-12 & 10-13)

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Rediscovered: The Life Elixirs of Paracelsus

Besides the legendary “philosopher’s stone” they have been the goal of all alchemical research: the “High Arcana” of alchemy. These life elixirs as well as the legendary “Aurum Potabile”, made from gold, represented universal remedies and preparations meant for unfolding our awareness. Three years ago these remedies could be successfully reproduced.

By Ulrich Arndt

From the records of famous medieval alchemists like Paracelsus and Isaacus Hollandus we learn about mysterious life elixirs and almost unbelievably successful cures. Particularly renown was the “Aurum Potabile”, the “drinkable gold of the alchemists”. It was made from pure gold, liquefied in a secret way and thoroughly processed in the laboratory for a couple of months. The true alchemists did not aim at producing gold from lead. They rather wanted to discover the supreme panacea which equally transforms the body, spirit and soul. All that is heavy, dark and sick in man - symbolised by the “dark” lead – was to become “translucent”, or “illuminated” through alchemical life elixirs and transformed into health, or symbolically into “light gold”.
This transformation or “transmutation” is but the “great work” of alchemy in man. Frater Albertus, a well-known alchemist of the 20th century, put it in more modern terms: “Alchemy is nothing else but a gradual increase of the vibrational state.”
To the alchemists, transforming lead metal into pure gold was only exterior evidence for the fact that transmutation was also possible inside. As the alchemists were capable of demonstrating that everyone can attain health, illumination or an increase of vibration, and even succeeded in helping others with their remedies and conscious-ness-essences, they were persecuted for many centuries. For this reason they passed on their knowledge from mouth to ear for more than 3000 years and encoded it in their scriptures through mystic expressions and in symbolic pictures.
Approximately three years ago, shortly before the turn of the millennium, two German alchemists succeeded in decoding the laboratory instructions of Paracelsus and other great alchemists. It had taken them twenty years of practical laboratory research and thorough studies of the ancient scriptures to get there. There is one thing which the ancient alchemists emphasized time and again: the basic requirement for all forms of high alchemy is that the adept rediscovers the “secret solvents”. These solvents carry such flowery names as “philosophic Mercury”, “secret salt fire”, or “the adepts’ wine spirit”. However, the scriptures do not reveal what kind of substances they are.
They only describe how these substances are changing in the course of the production process, i. e. which colours they take to, how they crystallise, how they smell etc., and above all, how the metals and precious stones are transformed when treated with these solvents. It is only with their help that metals such as gold, silver, iron, and copper, as well as the hardest gems like diamond, ruby, emerald, and amethyst can be dissolved. These special solvents do not only “liquefy” the metals and gems – this could also be achieved by using very strong acids such as king’s water – they also have an energetic effect: they dissolve the link between the body, spirit and soul of the substances, or, in chemical terms, they speed up the separation between the solid substances, alcohols and oils without destroying their individual energies and healing qualities.
The second step to resolve the mystery of the production of life elixirs was the exact handling in the laboratory. Many tests had to be carried out in order to find out, how the body, spirit and soul of the dissolved metals and gems, once they had been separated, could be best purified and reunited on a higher energetic level. Furthermore, the production process of the essences required certain planetary constellations to ensure that the elixirs attain the highest degree of purity and energy. This intensive laboratory work, which takes several months, finally results in the famous “High Arcana”, i.e. the supreme remedies of alchemy.
Centuries ago, the alchemists used to write mainly about the golden essence, the “Aurum Potabile”: “Among all elixirs, gold is the highest and most important one for us. Gold can keep the body intact, (…). Drinkable gold cures all diseases, it renews and restores.” These are the enthusiastic words of Paracelsus.
Johann Agricola, a well-known physician and alchemist of the 17th century, reported: “First of all, this Aurum Potabile is a peculiar treasure and Arcanum to secure the human body from many diseases. It powerfully strengthens the heart and all spirits (…), because, like smoke, it pervades the body and protects it, so that it is safe from all kinds of diseases ad terminum vitae. It is a great grace of God that no one needs to spend his life on the infirmity bed.” Furthermore he emphasized: “…but the gold hermetis (…) is such a medicine that cures diseases, wherever they may come from, and like fire it penetrates the whole body, purifies it from all unnecessary things and bestows upon it the highest degree of health. He, who attains this, is happy and blessed.”

Bradford blood test
Bradford blood test: The Fibrin-protein net of dried blood shows big holes, typical for severe sicknesses and metabolic disturbances (picture 1). After having applied gold and silver essences in high dosage for three days, a significant improvement can be registered (picture 2).

The LIFE-TEST institute, a private institute for bio-energetic testing and an advisory council at the “European Commission of Interdisciplinary Sciences”, examined the effects of the newly rediscovered essences. With the help of alternative medical diagnostic instruments, with bio-photon analysers, skin resistance measurements along meridian points, and Kirlian photography, they tried to find out, if the old dispensings of Paracelsus really produce such extraordinary effects, or if the descriptions in the ancient scriptures were exaggerated. To the testers’ surprise, the human energy system reacted to the essences in a very intense and highly unusual way. For instance, when applying the gold-essence
dotthe whole human energy level is raised,
dotthe production and storage of the life energy Chi is directly stimulated,
dotgeneric control levels in the human energy system are stimulated, thereby
dotharmonising energetic imbalances and blockages.
dotIn this way, all unconscious and suppressed processes, which cause energetic blockages, can surface in consciousness and thus being worked out.
According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) these are all prerequisites for treating the deeper-rooted causes of disease.
The unusual thing was that the meridians connected with respiration, blood circulation and other changing body systems were not the first to react as had been expected, but primarily the meridians of the urinary bladder and the kidneys. In the TCM view, the energy level of these meridians is directly related to an increase of life energy.

Dark-field microscopy
Dark-field microscopy: Strongly polluted blood, the red blood corpuscles stick together and are polluted with proteins and bacteria (dots) typical for serious illnesses (picture 1). After having applied gold and silver essences in high dosage for three days, the blood is almost completely purified (picture 2).

In addition to these energetic tests, examinations of the blood and urine were carried out, including the Bradford test, which is generally recognized by the orthodox medical science in the US, as well as the dark-field microscopy commonly applied by alternative physicians in German speaking countries. As little as three days after taking 30 to 40 drops per day, the test showed significant improvements in all aspects (see figure). The blood was much more vitalised, and the strain caused by toxins and metabolic waste products in the blood and urine was considerably reduced. The improvements included:
dotthe general condition of the red blood corpuscles (see figure)
dotthe strain caused by environmental toxins
dotthe fluidity in connective tissue, i.e. nutrient supply and purification
dotthe enzymatic status (metabolism)
dotthe cell respiration and energy metabolism
dotthe buffering of free radicals

Part II

Upon conclusion of these diagnostic tests, some physicians and naturo-paths started to experiment with these essences in practice. Most extensive experiences were made with the gold essence which was the first to be produced. Reiner Moll, head of “Arkanum”, a private institute for naturopathic therapies at Neusaess near Augsburg/ Germany, has been working for more than two years with alchemical essences, and in particular with the gold elixir. He concludes: “All kinds of chronic diseases, pains and skin diseases can be alleviated or even completely healed through ‘Aurum Potabile’. All in all, the patients feel much more vitalised through the gold essence, the organism regenerates, and the psyche becomes more stable.” Moreover he found out that the drinkable gold is an ideal supplementary treatment in addition to other therapies, in case of fatigue and general weakness, despondency, anxiety as well as for strengthening the self-confidence. As a sort of “rescue remedy” it can also be taken against travel nausea, as well as head and stomach pains. Reiner Moll explains this broad spectrum of activity as follows: “The gold essence acts like a catalyst for the healing process – comparable to a correctly selected homoeopathic remedy.”
Planeten-Mensch nach GichtelThat the results cannot be simply attributed to a placebo effect based on the high prestige of gold, alchemy or of Paracelsus, is substantiated by the treatment of animals. Irmgard Mader, a horse rider, reports: “My horse is very lively and even hot-tempered. But if I daily apply the gem rescue mixture on its front and coccyx area and give it a few drops of gold essence, my horse is very poised and communication gets much easier. Through this concomitant application of alchemical essences, injuries tend to heal much faster.” There are reports of similar experiences with cats and dogs.
The most astonishing fact is that the alchemical life elixirs are by no means remedies in the modern medical sense, but purely energetic essences. They act on the energy field of man and animal – on the etheric substance, the soul and the spirit, and not directly on the body. The second great discovery in the ancient alchemical scriptures is how these different essences made of metals and gems influence the aura and chakras. It is the discovery of the old chakra system of alchemy.
In former times the chakras were called the “seals of the planets” or even the “furnaces of the soul”. Similar to the Indian system, alchemy knows seven chakras, each of them governed by one of the classical planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each planet is associated with a main gem and a main metal which corresponds to the energetic-spiritual quality of the individual planetary influence. Even esoteric text books and Indian teachings speak of such associations, although they are partly highly contra-dictory. Alchemy now offers an explanation why there are such dis-crepancies: the chakras may change in frequency; as a consequence, their resonance to the planetary energies, the metals and gems may also change. Alchemy distinguishes between three vibrational levels of the chakras or three “phases of transformation”
dotNigredo (= black); the lowest level of vibration, supports solidifying processes; the body
dotAlbedo (= white); the middle level of vibration; supports dissolving and distributing processes; the soul
dotRubedo (= red); the highest level of vibration; supports regulating and harmonizing processes; the spirit
The lowest level of vibration is represented by the root chakra which stands in resonance with the low vibrations of the Moon, followed by the spleen chakra with slow mercurial vibrations, and the solar plexus chakra related to Venus etc. (see chart). However, in the alchemical understanding, the chakras are aligned with the higher vibrational level of the Rubedo phase. In this phase, the root chakra vibrates in resonance with the highest vibration of the Sun, the spleen chakra with the Moon, the solar plexus chakra with Mars, the heart chakra with Mercury, the throat chakra with Jupiter, the brow chakra with Venus and the crown chakra with the highest vibration of Saturn (see chart). As it is known that each chakra stands in direct relation with one of the major endocrine glands as well as with one of the main plexuses and organs, the organs can ultimately be influenced energetically by activating and harmonizing the related chakra. In the alchemical understanding, healing happens as soon as the chakras start vibrating in resonance with the highest Rubedo frequency. That is exactly what is achieved by the “High Arcana” or the alchemical life elixirs made from gems and metals. Each of the seven chakras corresponds to a metal essence and a gem essence, which align the chakra to the highest level of energy in the Rubedo phase.

Irmgard Mader
Irmgard Mader, a horse-rider, mounted on Pura Raza Espanol “Campino“, is entirely convinced of the harmonizing effects of the alchemical essences.

The effect of the essences is similar to a tuning fork, which evokes resonance through its tone. The metal essences cause the denser, “more physical” planes of energy to vibrate thereby raising the aura to a higher resonance frequency. The gem essences activate first the subtler planes of emotions. One can even measure the increase of energy and harmonization in terms of a higher level of vibration: after taking the essences, there is a considerable increase of energy and harmonization in the acupuncture meridian system which can be proved by way of meridian measurements. Eighty percent of the test persons showed such an intense reaction upon the first application which otherwise is typical only for efficient naturopathic or orthodox remedies. With the help of HFS photography, a more advanced form of Kirlian photography, it was even possible to visualize and prove by the so-called “finger-ring” that the essences even activated the higher control layers (as to the tests see: www.edelstein-essenzen.de).
The occult Rubedo series of planets is actually known to all of us: It is hidden in the order of the weekdays and accordingly in the Genesis of the Bible. As is generally known, the names of the weekdays relate to the seven classical planets. Their order exactly corresponds to the order of the Rubedo chakras. What is truly sensational is the fact that exactly the same correspondence of planets and chakras is known in the ancient Indian healing system Ayurveda. And both systems incorporate a special rhythmical application of the alchemical gem and metal essences capable of profoundly “illuminating” the body, spirit and soul. In ancient India it was known as the “medicine of the Maharajas”. Still, the essences do not superimpose themselves, for instance by overpowering the user with excessive energies. They rather interact with his aura. When applying Paracelsus’ life elixirs, the “High Arcana” of alchemy, every user can determine himself on the basis of the quantity of drops and the period of application how far he wants to go in raising his own level of vibration.

vitalizing energies light phenomena

The alchemical production of essences gives rise to light phenomena which cannot be explained by normal physics. The blue light indicates that the substances are re-charged with vitalizing energies.

The Chakra Theory of Alchemy
  Nigredo Rubedo (highest vibration) Weekdays
7. Crown- Chakra Saturn Saturn– amethyst and vitriol essences Saturday
6. Brow- Chakra Jupiter Venus– diamond and copper essences Friday
5. Throat- Chakra Mars Jupiter– sapphire and tin essences Thursday
4. Heart- Chakra Sun Mercury– emerald and zinc essences Wednesday
3. Solarpl.-Chakra Venus Mars– golden topaz and iron essences Tuesday
2. Spleen/ Sexual- Chakra Mercury Moon– pearl and silver essences Monday
1. Root- Chakra Moon Sun– ruby and gold essences Sunday

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