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Connected with the               Pulse of the Stars Connected with the               Pulse of the Stars first published in the magazine "Paracelsus" january 2005 (side 12-17)

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Connected with the Pulse of the Stars

The energies of the planets have an effect on everything that lives on earth. They also stay in a very special response to our Chakras and organs. For thousands of years alchemy and Ayurveda have taught it in the same way. Only recently the energies of the planets could be measured with the help of modern equipment – proving the old healing knowledge which has been known for thousands of years.

Von Ulrich Arndt

It seems to be magic: seedlings growing in an entirely closed container lose weight when the new moon is coming up and put on more than usually on full moon – without adding or removing water or anything else. At the same time the amount of chemical substances in the plants changes – which according to the opinion of todays scientists cannot be possible in any way. A chemical element of the plant could be embedded into a different chemical compound but the total amount has to stay the same. Anything else would be a change of atoms, the so-called “transmutation” such as the famous alchemical change from lead into gold – and that would just not be possible.
But it might be that famous alchemists such as Paracelsus simply observed the nature much better. And that is maybe why they can get a much better use of the natural effects of the essences and remedies which they produce in the laboratory than the modern scientists. The plants don't care at all about the “diagnosed findings” of todays scientists about transmutation: Still the substance of phosphorus in a plant rises in an inexplicable way on full moon and falls on new moon, however the amount of potassium rises on new moon and becomes smaller on full moon. Many scientists, like for instance the chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka who is known for his cosmetics have proven it in longstanding series of experiments. But how can the moon cause something “scientifically impossible” every 14 days?
And not only the moon has such a deep effect on our organism and all matter on earth:
Other planets as well influence plants e.g. measurable: First of all Mars increases the plant growth. When Jupiter and the Sun are together in the sky or when they are in exact opposite directions the growth will be stimulated. On the other hand it will be obstructed through the same kind of meeting between Saturn and the Sun.
Scientists of the naturopathic pharmaceutical company “Weleda” found out about it in many series of experiments. They discovered: If you set a plant into a cache-pot made out of iron (without direct contact of the metal pot with the soil or the nutrient solution), the influence of Mars will become stronger, in a pot made of copper the influence of Venus is dominant, in a tin pot the influence of Jupiter – exactly those planetary energies become stronger whose metal they have been connected with since ancient times. Like a kind of aerial the metal pots intensify the influence of each planet. With the plant growth, the old hermetic teachings of the connection between the 7 metals and the 7 classical planets could be confirmed in a sensational way (Chart “The main signatures of the planets”).

Metals as the Aerials of the Planetary Waves

The modern research of this old knowledge about the influence of planets started already at the beginning of the 20th century. Lili Kolisko proved with the help of the so-called crystallization pictures (certain solvents are crystallized and typical patterns will be formed) among other things the effect of the Sun on gold solutions, of the Moon on liquids containing silver and of Jupiter on tin solutions.
The well known German pioneer in water flow research, Theodor Schwenk, repeated the experiments decades later and also searched for the event when two planet energies overlay – meaning when two planets are directly next to each other in the sky. He observed, among other things, a four day long conjunction (the meeting of the planets in the sky) of Mars and Saturn. In the “capillary dynamolysis” (Steigbild) investigations used, clear changes showed up: the usually very wide patterns in solutions containing lead – lead belongs to Saturn – disappeared more and more. As soon as the planets drifted apart, the number and size of the structures increased.
In the same way that metals used in plant pots or in solutions build an aerial for the planetary influences, they capture their effecitve powers in our organism as well. In some body regions certain metals are concentrated in an amazing way. Tin in the oral region, enzymes and liver e.g., or gold in the brain and heart. That is where the planetary effects are more intensive than anywhere else in the organism. Crystallization pictures give proof of what is “on the same wavelength” with a planet. Solutions from the blood of a heart disease patient or a treated solution of an animal cardio muscle show the exact same crystal patterns as gold solutions and plant solutions of the foxglove (Digitalis) – and all are effected by the rotation of the Sun. That is why gold solutions and foxglove are valuable remedies for cardiovascular diseases. Once more the old knowledge of the alchemy doctors about the “relationship” in nature is confirmed: “as it is above, so it appears below” or like Paracelsus emphasized: “there is nothing on earth, that is not in heaven”. Paracelsus continually reminded us to pay attention to the signatures of the plants, metals and gems. The brilliant, warm gold has the character of the Sun, the defensive nettle is bursting with Mars energy and the pearl, highly esteemed as a healing essence by Paracelsus, is ruled by the Moon and water principle. In this way certain metals, plants and gems are connected with the 7 planets and in the human being the 7 main organs and the chakras: “So understand that the brain is the Moon, the lung is Mercury, the kidney is Venus, the gall bladder is Mars, the liver is Jupiter, the spleen is Saturn and the heart is the Sun,” writes Paracelsus.

Planet Theme Expression Quality
Sun fatherly life-giving original principle vitality, self-awareness warm, spicy, majestically,
Moon motherly, reflecting original principle rhythm, growth moist, juicy, slimy, seedy, rhythmic,
Mars active, aggressive original principle dynamics, energy prickly, burning, spicy, red
Mercury communicative original principle flexibility, communication slim, convoluted, feathery
Jupiter shaping, developing original principle justice, imagination straight, manorial, smooth, bitter, aromatic, salutary
Venus harmonizing original principle sense-power, sensuality, beauty harmonious, regular, rounded, velvety, rich, strongly fragrant, salutary
Saturn limiting and unfolding original principle borderline experience, higher senses- and awareness activity longevity, evergreen, curved, gloomy, resinous, poisonous tough, tenacious

The Rhythms of the Planets in our Body

Are these “elective affinities” more than a construction of our thoughts? At least parts of the mystic planet energies can be scientifically proven nowadays. Next to the electromagnetic waves, that oscillate between the ionosphere and the earth surface (the so-called Schumann-waves), other frequencies coming straight from the planet can be measured on earth. Mainly they are electromagnetic vibrations between 0,00166 Hertz and 5 Hertz (Hertz = vibrations per minute). They are stronger when the relevant planet or the Sun or the Moon rises or sets on the local horizon and when the celestial body is in the zenith. The reason being that the electromagnetic field of our earth works like an oscillating aerial and the waves of the planets that are captured at this time, hit a certain place with more intensive power. We are continually “listening” to the sound of the planets, and it is hardly possible to withdraw from their vibrations because these wavelengths are able to penetrate panes of glass, house walls and earth embankments almost unhindered.
But especially in this sphere up to 5 Hertz important rhythms of our own body are located:
dotOur cranio-sacral system pulsates in this rhythm, thus the pressure system out of spinal cord liquid and brain liquid. A disturbance of this flow can lead to a variety of different sicknesses and psychological problems.
dotAlso the vibration of our stomach muscle is in this area and recently scientists discovered the importance of the stomach with its many neurons as the so-called “stomach- brain”.
dotOur slow brain waves oscillate in this frequency as well, especially when we are in deep sleep, deep meditation or trance. Those are exactly the conditions where we can recover the best, “to become healthy through sleep” and built up one’s strength – because we can get into an optimum touch with the regulatory effects of the planet energies. We are tuned in a steady state by the planets.
There is a second important oscillating area next to the sphere between 0 and 5 Hertz, through which the human organism connects with the planets. It is through microwaves. The Sun and Saturn are especially strong microwave transmitters whereas our moon is the weakest, which is again a strong transmitter in the aforementioned oscillating area. But in our body, mainly the endocrine glands get into primary touch with the microwaves. Also the electrical charge of the cell membrane is in this area. According to the German scientist Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, who discovered biophotonics, microwaves are the carrier of the meridian energy, those energy flows that are regulated in the Chinese acupuncture as is generally known.
Our organism is kept in the right balance through the waves of the planets, just like a radio-controlled clock. But what happens if the human vibration system is disturbed in its connection with the natural frequencies of the planets? When technical radiation from mobile phones and microwaves have a steady influence and even the deep sleep is not undisturbed anymore? The human energy system tries to regulate the element of interference. That might work for a while but through this permanent activity it will be more and more overloaded. This leads to sleep disorders, allergies, chronic exhaustion or hyperactivity, chronic inflammation, metabolic disorder and vague pains. And finally, in the weakest part of our body, a serious illness may break out.
According to the alchemy doctors every illness is connected to a lack or imbalance of the planetary energy. “Not the gall bladder causes the anger but Mars does. He makes us seething… Every illness starts in the constellation and from the constellation it gets into the human body. Meaning whatever is started in heaven, will be finished in the human body,” emphasizes Paracelsus. And so the remedies developed by him and other alchemists “tune” once again our organism to the melody of the planets. And because the metals are the best aerials for the planetary waves, and at the same time being extremely difficult to get a healing essence out of them, they are regarded as the supreme remedies of alchemy – ahead of all the Aurum Potabile, the highly praised universal remedy, the “drinkable gold of the alchemists”.

The Planets are the Tuning Fork of the Chakras

The chakras, the vortex-like principle energy centres of mankind, were also known by the alchemists. The best known alchemistical illustration of these “planetary seals” go back to the German alchemist Johann Georg Gichtel (1638–1710) from Regensburg, Bavaria. It shows the lowest level of vibration of the chakras, the so-called “Nigredo”-phase, the “blackness” after the three-stage development model of alchemy. A stage in which according to Gichtel’s illustration, the 7 vices or deadly sins such as pride, stinginess and jealousy reign over mankind.1 This classification of the planets with the chakras is not coincidental, but also has astonishing parallels with astronomy and the characteristics of the metals:
If you put the corresponding planetary-metals into order after their conductivity for heat and electricity, the same sequence of the planets will be the result – and the same order in the arrangement of the planets will be according to their mean orbital speed.
Conductivity as an energetical quality of the 7 metals in connection to the 7 planets

Metal conductivity for

speed of the planets in degrees of arc Chakra-response in the dark Nigredo-state
Lead 8 10 Saturn 2 Crown-Chakra
Tin 15 13 Jupiter 4 Brow-Chakra
Iron 17 20 Mars 18 Throat-Chakra
Gold 53 73 Sun 30 Heart-Chakra
Copper 74 77 Venus 32 Solarplexus-Chakra
Quicksilver 68 76 Mercury 36 Spleen-/Sexual-Chakra
Silver 100 100 Moon 392 Root-Chakra

This response of the Chakras with the planetary energy is compared to the Fall of Man in the alchemy, equally to the sinking into disorder and into a lower vibration level: “But it was not only the soul of Adam and Eve who got spoilt or fell down, but everything that belonged to it, that is why the soul-fire also infected the mind and body, the mind and body infected the air, water and earth and forced them through agreement to fall, too, while mind and body and the universal centre or heart had fallen (…) In the same way it is within our body when the heart is sick, the whole body has to be sick,” described Sincero Renato, alchemist and a student of Jakob Böhme this fall of mankind. Through a disharmony in the fire-element all the other elements and with that the soul, mind and body get into the same disorder. But according to the alchemy the four elements emerge from different mixtures of the planet energies. And when the planet energies are harmonised in the human body, the “fallen Adam” can be raised again into the state of order. Said the alchemist Julius Sperber in his famous “Theatrum Chemicum”: “…The world originally created by God (= synonym for Adam) was complete and perfect and equal to nature and the virtue of the philosopher’s stone (= stone of the wise men). When Man fell, God became angry and condemned the “red earth” (allegorical for the term of Adam as the perfectly created Man), he destroyed their innate proportions, reversed the homogeneity into heterogeneity and changed them through the movement of the elements (and due to this also the planetary waves, who are creating the elements, and their response to the chakras) into a scurrilous concourse of matter: Followed by corruption and death.”
In this “dark” planet-Chakra-response the solidifying forces dominate, which lead to typical illnesses: formation of all kinds of stones, arteriosclerosis, stiffening of the joints and the spine and he becomes “petrified” and “sclerotic” in body, spirit and soul.

The “philosophers” tree The “philosophers” tree (the experts in the secret symbols of alchemy) with the seven planets. In the lower triangle the three basic principles Sal, Sulphur and Mercury or as the transformation stages Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo between the old man and the young man. The particular interplay of the planet energies and the basic principles lets us age or keeps us young.


Sincero Renato already hints at how to get out of the lowest state of vibration when he gives a reference to the heart as the “universal centre” – meaning the heart Chakra. According to the alchemistic teachings the ability to love has to be developed and the strengthening processes have to be returned to the rhythmical flow. And this is the exact purpose of Paracelsus' metal- and gem- essences. They are tuned on a different response of the chakras with the planet waves, the highest one the so-called Rubedo-phase.1
But how can you find out at an early stage, which processes dominate in oneself – if you rather vibrate in the dark Nigredo or in the bright Rubedo? How can anyone, already at the beginning prevent a disharmony or even a “fall” into Nigredo? The alchemical doctors use a kind of constitutional diagnosis. They analyse which of the three alchemical basic principles “sal“, “sulphur“ or “mercury“ prevail in the individual and accordingly, which planetary forces.
dotSal (= “salt“, in simple terms the material, physical) represents like the Nigredo level the predominance of the densifying processes and thereby the “diseases of densification“.
dotSulphur (in simple terms the soul) marks the opposite, the dissolving, enlivening processes. Sulphur stands for the middle level of vibration of the chakras, called the Albedo level. If the sulphur forces are predominant in the organism or in an organ of our body, inflammation, hot flushes, fever, as well as allergies occur.
dotMercury (in simple terms the spirit) symbolises the connecting, balancing and transmitting processes. Mercury can be equated with the Rubedo level, the highest level of vibration. In this state the densifying and the dissolving forces work together in harmony within us.
Only in the Chakra-response of Rubedo, under the dominance of the balancing Mercury processes, are we in harmony and only then the life energies of the planets, of the Sun and of the Moon can flow through us unhindered and with full strength. And then we can finally transform the “dark lead” within ourselves into the “brilliant gold” just like the seedlings mentioned in the beginning.

Crystallization pictures
Crystallization picturesCrystallization pictures show similar patterns when dealing with similar effective powers. Here the solvents of gold (above), foxglove (middle), and cardiac cells (below). Gold and foxglove are being used as a remedy for heart diseases and all three show a sun-signature.
capillary dynamolysis
before Mars-Saturn- conjunction during the conjunction after the conjunction
“capillary dynamolysis” (Steigbild) investigations with a solvent from the “Saturn-metal” lead during a conjunction of Mars and Saturn. Clearly recognizable, that the Saturn energies of the lead, who are forcing to strengthen and shape, are being reduced through the influence of Mars. Picture above: before the meeting of the planets extensive patterns can be seen, middle picture: five days later during the conjunction nearly all of them are dissolved, picture below: after the conjunction another five days later all patterns are well-shaped again.

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